Facility Personnel

Dr Jane Roe

Roman Krawetz, PhD

Facility Director

Dr. Roman Krawetz is an assistant professor in the Departments of Surgery/Cell Biology & Anatomy whose research is focused on understanding the mechanisms regulating the interaction between inflammation and stem cell mediated cartilage repair and develop novel diagnostic & prognostic assessments of OA.

Chief Technology OfficerLaurie Kennedy

Facility Manager

Laurie’s research background is in B cell development. She was the principle operator/manager of the first BD FACSCan purchased by the Immunology Research Group and have been providing training for post graduate students since 1994. She joined the Core Facility in 2005 and is the principal instructor for the USER Facility

Yiping Liu

Yiping Liu

Facility Staff

Yiping obtained her MD in China in 1988, and PhD in Cell Biology in 1997. She gained extensive Flow Cytometry experience as lab manager of the BD ARIA in Jan Storek’s lab. She joined the Core Facility in 2010. Yiping has extensive experience with flow cytometry multicolor design and trouble shooting.


ABI Attune

The Attune Acoustic Focusing Flow Cytometer is the first cytometer that uses ultrasonic waves, rather than hydrodynamic forces to position cells into a single, focused line along the central axis fof the capillary.

ATTUNE Technical Specification

Features and Specification Highlights


trained users can access the facility 24/7


two lasers; blue/red or blue/violet


up to 6 colours for multiplexed analysis


free ABI software for offline analysis


BD LSRII is the first and only air-cooled, four-laser bench top flow cytometer with the ability to acquire up to 18 colours. At the heart of the BD LSRII is the new digital acquisition, allowing for additional parameters to be detected and yielding more information per cell.

Technical Specification


LSR II Features and Specification Highlights


equipped with 4 lasers on both LSRII


Up to 16 colours for multiplexed analysis


full service acquisition and analysis


2 LSRIIs for quick turnaround

Cell Sorters



The fluidics system in the BD FACSAria™ III cell sorter is pressure driven. Positive air pressure forces sample cells through an optically gel-coupled cuvette flow cell. Hydrodynamic focusing guides particles in a single-file stream through the cuvette, where laser light intercepts the stream at the sample interrogation point.

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BD Aria Fusion

First introduced as the BD FACSAria™ sorter in 2003, this sorting knowhow is combined with best-in-class biosafety expertise for a comprehensive advanced cell sorter and biosafety solution. The fully integrated biosafety cabinet meets emerging operator and sample protection requirements.

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Features and Specification Highlights


equipped with 4 lasers on both Aria’s


sample loading from plate or tube format


up to 16 colours for multiplexed sorting


2 or 4 way sorting into tubes/plates

Sony SH800 Z

The benchtop SH800S cell sorter permits sorting of a wide range of cell sizes and applications using the 70 μm, 100 μm, and 130 μm microfluidics sorting chips. This novel, chip-based design is fully integrated with comprehensive fluidics controls and advanced automation for set-up, acquisition, sort and analysis to make sorting less subjective, more precise and easier to use.

System software is intuitive and supports sorting into tubes and 96- and 384-well plates. The software generates FCS 3.0 and FCS 3.1 files that also can be exported to third party analysis tools.

Technical Specification


Sony SH800S Features and Specification Highlights


equipped with 4 lasers (405, 488, 561, 638)


6 fluorescent + 2 scatter


2-way tube, multiwell plates, PCR tubes, slides

Sort Size

70 μm, 100 μm and 130 μm

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